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Medical Mission Trip Offers Nursing Volunteer Opportunities

Why Should a Nursing Student Go on a Medical Mission Trip?‎Medical professions students, especially nursing students, often feel a strong ‎desire to not only serve others but to be part of the solution to the global ‎healthcare crisis – more than a billion people do not have reliable access to

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

Dear WCI Community, Pease see our well-researched policy letter below, concerning the coronavirus.  Please contact me directly at (509) 640-6767or concerning any questions about your WCI team’s destination and an update for that area.  Our country coordinators advise me they are confident of the safety of your team members and are

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Opportunities In Global Health For Nurses

Are you interested in a career in global health for nurses? Medical mission trips and other volunteer opportunities in nursing are great ways to hone your clinical skills through real-world experience. Volunteering with Well Child International in Baja, Costa Rica, and Belize is a great place to start! Leaders in Global Health

Neighborhood Visits for fun!

WCI Medical Mission Trips Sample Itinerary

This is a sample 7-Day Baja itinerary. Longer variations/versions of this itinerary (8-12 days) simply includes more “hands on health care” time—community triage/clinical time/rotations. This itinerary is for the WCI Baja Program, but the Costa Rican version is the same pattern of health care and local activities—just in Costa Rica!