How to Fund Your Trip Now!


  • Most students greatly reduce their costs and, in some cases, go one more than one trip free utilizing the following funding tools or a combination of them !!
  • Become a WCI Ambassador and get $100 travel credit for other volunteers you recruit. WCI provides materials and help for you to reach out to the health professions organizations at your school—it’s easy!  Go to
  • Use any of several self-funding sites (Go Fund MeGood Samaritan Missions., etc.) or write your “support letter”—we’ll help you! Contact us at
  • We Accept credit cards
  • Contact  to arrange a payment plan—no interest.  Note final payment is due 20 days prior to trip departure.


WCI Ambassador Benefits


WCI Ambassador Benefits:

  1.  Fund your WCI trip with travel scholarship funding of $100 per volunteer recruited.
  2.  Qualify for the annual WCI Ambassadors Retreat in Mexico (expenses paid from Phoenix)—no cost to you! You can qualify with 10 or more volunteers recruit.
  3. Receive a special recommendation from WCI for your grad school, or other, resume.
  4. Get sent to conferences to represent WCI and get paid $100 per day plus all your expenses.
  5. Use social media contacts (campus clubs, etc.,) and ALL resulting volunteers are credited to you!  
  6. Cash out your travel scholarship funds at 50% (e.g.if you have earned $1000 in travel scholarship and can’t go on the team, get $500.00 thank you gift from WCI.

Combine financial benefits of being a WCI Ambassador with your own funding (see Funding Your Trip) to pay for your trips(s)…!

Contact for more information