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Well Child International 12402 North Division Street, Number 365, Spokane, Washington 99218

How to Fund Your Trip Now!l.

WCI Ambassador Benefits

  • Fund your WCI trip with travel scholarship funding of $100 per volunteer recruited.
  • Qualify for the annual WCI Ambassadors Retreat in Mexico (expenses paid from Phoenix)—no cost to you! You can qualify with 10 or more volunteers recruit.
  • Receive a special recommendation from WCI for your grad school, or other, resume.
  • Get sent to conferences to represent WCI and get paid $100 per day plus all your expenses.
  • Use social media contacts (campus clubs, etc.,) and ALL resulting volunteers are credited to you!
  • Cash out your travel scholarship funds at 50% (e.g.if you have earned $1000 in travel scholarship and can’t go on the team, get $500.00 thank you gift from WCI.

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Combine financial benefits of being a WCI Ambassador with your own funding (see Funding Your Trip) to pay for your trips(s)…!