Global Health Clinical and Academic Opportunities

Your partnership with WCI can not only provide underserved women and children with health care but also provide your students an academic credit/community health rotation possibilities.

WCI Community Health Nursing Rotations

Well Child International (WCI) global health trips to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, offer outstanding opportunities for clinical and public health professions students to engage in service learning while meeting clinical rotation and internship requirements of their various programs.  Service learning experiences are a “form of experiential education in which students … address human and community needs together with structured opportunities intentionally designed to promote student learning and development” (Jacoby, 1996, as cited in Amerson, 2010).   WCI student activities are scheduled in close coordination with Mexican health officials, so their work addresses local community needs and is useful to local professional efforts.  With student oriented to the organization of local services and regional health issues by Mexican professionals, the WCI experience also promotes student learning and development.

Program Costs:

You can bring a team of 12 nursing students and accompany them at no cost (YOU choose the dates).
9 days $138521 days $2785 plus an $85 non refundable deposit

If this sounds like something you’d like for your students, check out our possible itinerary. Visit Sample Itinerary

Or the report done by our consultant on why our Mexican site would work well for such rotations. Visit Report

WCI Courses

Courses can be taught in conjunction with a Well Child International trip.  WCI can develop and offer courses in:

  • Global Health Policy
  • Cultural Humility/Competence
  • Service Learning in Global Health
  • Health Promotion

Courses are designed by a PhD prepared nurse with more than 30 years of experience teaching public health and nursing.  Or, a WCI course can be submitted to your institution for credit and tuition collected there.  Then, either WCI or your institution can provide the faculty. Or, WCI can design a trip to meet the needs of an existing course at your institution.  Again, either WCI or your institution can provide the faculty for courses from your institution.  Tuition for course credit is collected separately from the costs of a WCI trip.

Program Costs: 9 day $1385 plus an $85 non refundable deposit.

Longer programs to meet your institutional/academic needs for rotations, etc., also available.

If you think you’d like to explore this option, Contact Us.

WCI Clinical Experiences

WCI Graduate Student Supervisions

 Spanish-speaking graduate students in public health or clinical health professions can design experiences with WCI to meet the needs of theses, dissertations, or professional projects. Agencies and health professional preceptors or mentors can be recruited for projects, depending on the focus. Each experience would be individually designed and costs would be separately calculated.

CONTACT Michael Birnbaum | 509-710 3283
to discuss scheduling your team or individual trip