Single Mom in a Slum—a Precarious Life…‎
Emilia and her three small children live at the edge of the community but also at ‎the edge of existence. A victim of abuse and abandoned by the father of her ‎children she lives on a less-than-minimal government allowance. ‎

Her access to healthcare is the choice between a ten-mile walk to the local health ‎center, which is minimally staffed and offers no meds. If she doesn’t get in line ‎before the doors open at 8 am, she will not be seen that day. Her other options ‎are to depend on equally poor neighbors to share what meds or home remedies ‎they may have to offer. An extended family is an option, but only if she has one. ‎Many of the underserved are “in transit” looking for jobs or help and when a ‎father (or mother actually) gives up and abandons the family, the options are few ‎and, the best of them are not very good.‎

Enter the do-gooder gringos! These medical missions offer a free clinic in the ‎community by an outside organization! The only problem is, due to lack of ‎community screenings and triage, hundreds of people flock to the clinic even ‎before the doors open—there are no “lines” just dozens, sometimes hundreds of ‎people pushing and shoving. ‎

Even if Emilia gets there with her children, the chances of “competing” for a spot ‎in the chaos are slim. The outside organization serves as many as they can, then ‎closes their doors and feels good about whatever number of people they “saw” in ‎their clinic, in many cases the men who “got in” go sell the meds they were gifted ‎to buy alcohol or drugs. Guess who didn’t get “seen” by a doctor? Guess who ‎was told “don’t worry” there will be another clinic someday? Emilia. Left behind.‎

Well Child International (WCI) and their nursing medical missions provide repeat ‎and responsible medical care for women and children ONLY, which includes the ‎left behinds.Their nursing medical missions assure communities are screened ‎and triaged to ensure only those in need are given access to the clinics offered. ‎WCI: serving the “Emilia’s” for 20 years and offering nursing volunteer programs ‎abroad.‎