Global Health Team in Belize 14 – 22 2022(9 days). See description below.

GLOBAL HEALTH (appropriate hands on)
House clinics/visits/screenings (we train), hospital/community health center rotations, full clinics at community centers, womens’ shelters, rehabs, Children’s Health Fiesta!

An $85.00 non-refundable deposit is required to save your place on this team and will be credited to your trip cost.

OR Save your place by paying the full $1385.00 now. See “Select Payment” drop down below. 

NEED HELP with funding your trip or a payment plan?? Go to “Funding Your Trip”.

First payment of minimum of half trip cost due 60 days prior to departure.
Full payment due 30 days prior to departure

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About Belize
Known as the Jewel of the Caribbean, Belize is a land of ancient treasures, teeming with life and mystery. Here, shaded below jungle canopies, you can find ancient vine-wrapped temples of the Mayan Empire. Beneath its ocean waves you can discover the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. Underground, there are caves and waterways that often appear on the surface as small blue pools. But the greatest treasure of Belize can be found beneath sheet metal rooftops of informal settlements and cloth awnings of remote jungle villages–its people.

When you volunteer in Belize with ISL, you’ll discover more than just what’s on the surface. You’ll see more than sparkling beaches and colorful wildlife. You’ll do more than zipline through jungle treetops or crest Mayan ruins. You’ll have the opportunity to serve others, and in doing that, you will find the true Jewel of the Caribbean.

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Global health


Belize 14 – 22 (9 days) 2022

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