Well Child International


Our Mission

Mobilizing health professionals, faculty, and students for medical mission trips to serve women and children in vulnerable populations with health-related and socio-economic support systems.

What is Well Child International?

Michael Birnbaum, the founder and “semi-retired” president of International Service Learning (ISL), originally designed Well Child International (WCI) as a sub-program or division of ISL in 1998. (ISL was founded in 1990.) The purpose of WCI is to focus on the “most underserved of the underserved” in vulnerable populations.

WCI teams collaborate directly and thoroughly with the health ministry’s (government departments) in the countries we serve. For now, we will be focusing on the Baja, Mexico and Costa Rica areas. We already received an award from the Mexican state of Sonora for doubling the immunization rate of children in that area.

We can offer a tax deductible receipt for donations over $100 from a sister nonprofit, Good Samaritan missions. There is a processing fee of 7%. If you have questions, please contact Michael Birnbaum: Michael@WellChildInternational.org

Support Our Mission

Help our organization by donating today! All donations go directly to making a difference for our students and the people we serve.