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Opportunities In Global Health For Nurses

Are you interested in a career in global health for nurses? Medical mission trips and other volunteer opportunities in nursing are great ways to hone your clinical skills through real-world experience. Volunteering with Well Child International in Baja, Costa Rica, and Belize is a great place to start!

Leaders in Global Health

 Well Child International is a leader in global maternal and children’s health programs. Providing necessary healthcare to women and children from vulnerable populations helps to improve health outcomes in the entire community. At Well Child International, this kind of care is at the heart of our medical mission trips. Our teams coordinate directly with the local health ministries to make sure we are helping where it’s needed most.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in global medicine, providing care during conflict or after a natural disaster, nursing volunteer opportunities can help build your resume and equip you with the cultural competencies required to lead successful medical mission trips in the future. In addition to the core nursing competencies, jobs in global health require skills such as strong leadership, a comprehensive understanding of disease and immunization, community mobilization, and cultural sensitivity. 

Nursing Volunteer Opportunities

 A nursing volunteer opportunity with Well Child International (WCI) can benefit you as much as the community you serve. You’ll be able to put your training as a nurse into practice where it’s needed most, which is a valuable experience in and of itself. But you’ll also be meeting great people, from your fellow volunteers to the members of the community where you work. And here’s the secret: while experiencing the culture of a place far from home, many people find more similarities than differences in the people they meet.

 We all know nurses are the unsung heroes of the medical system. In the US, the scope of nursing is fairly specific. But in a global setting, there may not be other healthcare providers available. Though this is unfortunate for the communities who need them, it’s a great opportunity for nurses to build new skills and acquire a confidence they may not have in an American clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office.

Volunteer Opportunities in Global Health

 Well Child International’s mission of serving women and children in vulnerable populations wouldn’t be possible without your help! We offer volunteer opportunities in global health for nurses in Baja, Costa Rica, and Belize– three locations whose beauty is only matched by the spirit of the people we serve.

 Register for a team now! For information about creating your own team and funding your trip, please contact Michael Birnbaum: michael@wellchildinternational.org