Well Child International

The Proven Strategy

Team members are working under the legal “umbrella” of licensure via the local government and its relationship with WCI. WCI is organized as a non-profit NGO in the state of Arizona. We will utilize a community-based health care strategy, which is: house-to-house medical assessments and screenings, followed by a general clinic in the same geographical area, utilizing local health workers working in tandem with U.S. professionals and students. We call it “Village Triage”.

Geographical zones are assigned to us by the local Ministry of Health. An essential element of this plan is the “planting” of a local health care worker, equipped and trained by WCI and recognized by the local Ministry of Health.

This enables women and their smaller children to get to a health care “station” 24/7 instead of A) not being able to access health care due to lack of transportation, (a VERY common problem), B) overcoming the logistics of finally getting to a local governmental clinic only to be told “here’s your appointment of tomorrow (or the next day)” and, C)  no access to the meds prescribed, if any. 

Education is also a primary building block of this proven strategy by working with children in schools and in the community at events sponsored by WCI. All women receive a general OB-GYN screening and prenatal screening (if the patient is sure (or unsure) of a pregnancy).

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS WORK!! We don’t have 100 local doctors at every field station/neighborhood clinic, but we CAN have 100 volunteer professionals and STUDENTS (appropriately trained for the purpose), to MAKE THIS HAPPEN!! THIS is how we are able to serve thousands of women and their children in vulnerable communities (personal and medical crisis/abusive situations).